Friday, July 30, 2010

New Fish!!! Scooter Blenny & Canary Wrasse

We got new fish yesterday! A "Scooter Blenny" and a "Golden Coris Wrasse". Here's what I've found out about these guys so far:

Golden Coris Wrasse (aka "Louie"):
It's actually a Wrasse, not a Coris so it should be called a Golden Wrasse or Canary Wrasse. We have a reef tank and are hoping this guy gets along with our corals. From what I've read, it generally shouldn't be a problem, although I have read of a few cases of these guys eating some inverts like shrimp. The majority from what folks have said is that these guys are great for a peaceful, community reef aquarium. They are peaceful and small (a max of 5" long). They look like slender, bright yellow autumn leaves with a black eyespot on its dorsal fin. Absolutely gorgeous. They are carnivorous and my guy had no problem eating frozen mysis. These guys also eat parasites off tankmates and coral, like flatworms, tubeworms and fireworms. They are leapers when nervous (and they get nervous pretty easily). I can attest to this; this guy wanted to jump out of the acclimation tank desperately. They love to dive into the sand to sleep or when scared. Louie likes to hide in the live rock when scared as well. However, within 12 hours, he was out and about all day! I think giving him lots of places to hide made him feel comfortable. He's definitely dirunal. Out, swimming about all day, and as soon as he had eaten dinner, poof! Louie disappeared into the sand for bedtime. These guys are also pretty hardy; perfect for beginners like us!

Scooter Blenny ("Waldo"):
So named because finding him is a bit like playing Where's Waldo. He blends in perfectly with the live rock! This guy is very friendly and perfect for a community reef tank. He's peaceful and small (5") and loves to crawl about in the sand and on live rock. At night, he sleeps under the substrate; all you can see is a pair of eyes. The only problem is that he's not recommended for beginners, mostly because he prefers to eat debris off live rock of a well-established tank. Oops. Our first major mistake. He's a slow eater and does not accept food easily. I tried feeding him frozen mysis/brine shrimp; he was very interested and swam after the particles but failed to actually ingest any of it. Damn! I even turned the pumps off for 5-10 minutes to give him a longer chance to eat. He prefers to sift through the sand and live rock in search of arthropods that live in the algae growing there. Looks like I'm going to need to invest in a refugium (more on this later) STAT! to save this guy. I'm determined to be a good aquarium mom, however, and try to take good care of him to the best of my abilities.
Can you find Waldo?

Where's Waldo?

Bonnie and Clyde, happily swimming around, just a few weeks later. They don't seem to mind their new tankmates.
Travis and Floyd, some of our other pets, snuggling at bedtime. These guys are best buds!

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