Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Aquarium Update and New Fish (6-Line Wrasse)

Meet Julius, the newest addition to the aquarium! He's a 6-line wrasse and very active and quite gorgeous. He loves to hide in the rocks and sleep in the sand but he's always out and about, swimming and darting this way and that. He's a meat eater and, although it's been rumored that his species can be aggressive (mostly to other wrasses), he gets along wonderfully with the gang! He's also known to be pretty hardy (especially for the wrasses). In addition, I've been told they can feast on common pests, such as bristleworms and flatworms. Bonus! I'm very happy with the new additon! Welcome home, Julius!
In other aquarium news, everything is doing quite well. The aquarium recently turned 16 months old. Since the move, I've been having some trouble with hair algae, probably due to a combination of a slight increase in temp (due to increased ambient temp of the apartment) and the death of my sea urchin. I do have plans to acquire a new urchin in the future but it is nice not to have to worry about pieces of coral being hijacked or rocks being overturned!
Also, I've noticed I've had to dose quite a bit lately. I've had to add about 35 ml of the B-Ionic buffers 2x/week to boost alkalinity and calcium. This seems very high for a 75 gallon aquarium. I've always had some trouble keeping my alkalinity high. I know the aquarium is now mature but since I have all softies, I don't understand where the calcium is going. However, all the coralline algae died upon the move. Maybe I need to boost levels until this is restored. Any thoughts?
Until then, here are some pics of the aquarium and gang since the move:
Mr. Roper (male Bangaii Cardinalfish) poses for the camera.
"Hey! Where's the seaweed?" Earl, the lawnmower blenny demands.
--Mushroom City, more than alive and well.
--Hazel, the purple firefish and Felipe, the royal gramma, sneak by, unable to escape the camera.
--Bonnie and Clyve, happy in their mansion, the Elegance Coral.
--Nahla, the bluestreak cleaner wrasse, picks some bugs of Pedro, the bluejaw trigger. Mr. Roper hovers while 2 out of 3 of the Merry Maids (the shrimp), hang out for a chance to help Nahla clean Pedro.
Toby, the Scopas Tang, grazes on everything but the hair algae.

--View of the aquarium, 2 months post-move. Casey, the flameback angel, is also apparent, above the large rust mushroom.

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