Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aquarium Entertainment!

Now that Chantal is getting better, our tank has returned to a comfortable state of homeostasis. I'm spending lots of entertaining hours just watching. The swaying coral is very meditative and the fish put on a show for me constantly. It's like a little soap opera in there! Better than t.v. Thought I would share. Today is a picture show 'n tell.

Scooter (our scooter blenny) is such a little ham. He really strutted his stuff for the camera. Take a look! He's SO adoreable (I know I'm not supposed to play favorites but he just melts my heart).

Scooter soars between the rocks, probably begging for Nahla to clean him. I love when he puts his dorsal fin up! It's like his sail.

Scooter on our new mushroom coral at night. (Btw, isn't our new rust-colored mushroom coral pretty?)
Scooter gives Louie an annoyed look as Louie taunts him. "Go find your own rock to pick at!" Scooter protests.

Scooter, spotting me with the camera stopped what he was doing and hopped over to pose and say hello. What a charmer!

Next, we have friendly shrimp. I was cleaning the tank, and I had to be extra careful not to acidentally brush the Merry Maids (shrimp) or Nahla. They wouldn't leave me alone!
Nahla and the shrimp (the Merry Maids, Merry and Melvin) are irresistably drawn to the toothbrush.
Then, Merry crawled right onto my hand!

It didn't hurt. Just tickled. I loved it!

This was our aquarium almost 4 months ago. Look how far we've come!
Night view of the aquarium.

Mushroom city!

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